600 SGM LED Graphic Tubes perform on Britain’s Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent is a tv show, searching to find the greatest song talents

SGM LED tubes act as one of the talents for the British tv-show.

Great talent in Britain

SGM’s LT-100/LT-200 LED graphic tubes achieved great stage presence at the 2015 edition of Britain’s Got Talent; a popular TV show invented by Simon Cowell, who is also part of the judging panel.

The fixtures really ensured a vibrant and dynamic setting for the skilled contestants. Besides forming the large-scale curves with zip effects on each side of the stage, the 3D effect tubes were also used as a decorative gate in the finals, beautifully encircling the talented contestants.  

The British production company, Blueprint, supplied the LED tubes. Over time, they have executed several very creative and successful LT-100/LT-200 installations.

From May 25-31, the 2015 edition of the talent show broadcasted from the Fountain Studios in Wembley on British national TV. The viewing figures were sky-high; 7-9 million for the semi-finals, increasing to 12 million for the finale. Thus, making the show the runner-up as Britain’s most popular talent show, with The X Factor maintaining its 1st place.

Products used

600 pieces of the LT-100 and LT-200 were in place in London for the show.


Production Company: Blueprint

Venue: Fountain Studios

Location: Wembley, London, United Kingdom