Bahía Príncipe Resort Offers Magical SGM Light Show

SGM luminaires bring enchanting light show to luxury resort

Using IP66-rated luminaires from SGM, lighting designer Manuel Vicente was able to overcome Caribbean weather challenges and create enchanting light installations at luxury resort in the popular tourist destination of Punta Cana.

With the Dominican Republic's challenging weather conditions of constant humidity and severe rain, we had to use SGM luminaires.

Javier Álvarez.

SGM illuminates luxury resort in the Caribbean

Being placed in the heart of the Caribbean with high humidity and often heavy rain-falls, Luxury Bahía Príncipe Fantasia needed excellent design skills along with reliable luminaires for a permanent light installation. With SGM's IP66-rated luminaires, lighting designer Manuel Vicente from installation company Power AV was able to design a spectacular and truly magical light show at the high-end resort located in the Dominican Republic.

With a central focus on providing entertainment experiences, the resort turned to Javier Álvarez' Madrid-based installation company Capicúa to create magical light shows to complement their world of entertainment and magic. With no hesitations, Álvarez then contacted SGM, certain that they were the only ones equipped to do the job.

"With the Dominican Republic's challenging weather conditions of constant humidity and severe rain, we had to use SGM luminaires," said Álvarez.

Faced with a job to transform this luxury resort into a hub for shows and international artists, lighting designer Manuel Vicente chose a mix between architectural fantasy spaces, show lighting, and video mapping. Especially thrilled about the versatile P-5 POI, Vicente and Álvarez were able to mount a magical fairytale light installation for the high-end resort in the popular tourist destination of Punta Cana.

"With its high IP66-rating, five-year warranty, the variety of optics, the P-5 POI was the ideal luminaire to light the buildings, facades, architectural structures, and thematic attractions," said Vicente.

Bahía Príncipe is a Spanish group with resorts around the Caribbean, where Luxury Bahía Príncipe Fantasia brings the guests "a world of entertainment full of magic and sensations." Being an all-inclusive, high-class tourist getaway, the resort provides all the amenities one could dream of, with beaches, pools, theatre, clubs, and restaurants.

"A Caribbean resort with castles, straight out of a fairy tale. Welcome to a wonderland where anything is possible. An enchanting place for children and adults alike, where taking a stroll, having dinner or simply unwinding can turn into something magical," the resort proudly underlines.

Choosing SGM fixtures to stage a permanent and enchanting light show that could cover this massive resort quickly proved the right choice. Shortly after the installation, the resort was hit with extremely heavy rain, however, the SGM luminaires stood unaffected.

With this dazzling light installation, the fairytale atmosphere now continues when night falls; where the true magic begins.

Products used

38 Q-2 flood/blinder/strobes, 14 i-2 RGBW, 2 G-Profile, 19 P-5 in 43° and 21° lenses, and 8 P-2 in 43° and 21° lenses. All in the POI class.


Luxury Bahía Príncipe Fantasia, Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Technical Manager
Javier Álvarez, Capicúa

Lighting Designer
Manuel Vicente, Power Audiovisual Rental Company SL

Technical Production
Producciones Audiovisuales Capicúa SL

Installation Company
Producciones Audiovisuales Capicúa SL and Power Audiovisual Rental Company SL



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