Bright Lights and Rock 'n' Roll with VOLBEAT

VOLBEAT travelled the world on the “Servant of The Road World Tour” with their trusted lighting designer Niller Bjerregaard. VOLBEAT wanted to give the audience a show that they would never forget, and the team behind the tour, did exactly that. Niller has been working with the band for 14 years, from small clubs in Denmark, to touring big arenas and stadiums around the world, and he has always been a big fan of using SGM fixtures in his work. He has worked with countless big bands and projects within the industry. For this tour, Niller used 18 Q-10’s and 16 Q-7’s.


Niller has used Q-7's in his designs in all kinds of scenarios, and he's thought of the fixture as an important incorporation for multiple purposes. They have been used for lighting up backdrops, set pieces, and even highlighting specific band members. Sometimes as a key light for instrumental solos, other times as a crowd blinder. This is thanks to the Q-7's countless color and strobe possibilities. The Q-7 is a valuable companion for Niller when he's on tour, and he's never had any issues in- or outdoors, not even in harsh or wet conditions. 


 The Q-10 comes in handy for Niller as a crowd light for arenas and stadiums, filling up the vast space and washing out the crowd with a warm, almost magical light, or as a saturated color filler. Last year, he used them in a high channel mode, to avail of all the pixels and effects the Q-10 has to offer. The fixtures matched the show perfectly, and became a very important fixture with their powerful impact and versatility. 

Products used

 18 x Q·10’s

 16 x Q·7’s



Lighting Designer - Niller Bjerregaard

Photographer - Brittany Bowman


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