SGM G-Spots for the 11th African Games in Brazzaville

SGM’s IP65-rated luminaires chosen for closing ceremony at multi-sports event in the Republic of Congo

For the 11th edition of the African Games, GL events Audiovisual, a subsidiary to GL events Group, drew on SGM’s G-Spot to help create a spectacular closing ceremony for African sports event with participants from 54 nations.

The quality of SGM’s products is very good, and we will for sure be using the G-Spot again for other shows.

Alexandre Trapon

SGM for 2015 African Games Closing Ceremony

For the 11th edition of African Games in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, the event team chose 18 G-Spots from SGM to create a spectacular closing ceremony. Despite bad sandstorm the day before, the G-Spots worked unaffected and helped create a beautiful lightshow.

In September 2015, for its 50th anniversary, the African Games returned to Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, where the very first one was held back in 1965. The African Games are organized by the African Union (AU) and is held every four years, consisting of 22 separate sport disciplines plus two additional disability sports. For this edition, French lighting designer Vincent Mongourdin worked closely together with show director Martin Arnaud to create something extra special.


“Arnaud’s scenographic method was to place a cube balancing on its lowest vertex in a pool in the middle of the stadium, symbolizing the history, presence, and future of Congo, when the cube opens. The lighting concept behind was to make this cube become a piece of jewelry magnified by a concentric implementation. This called for a powerful light output in order to give the right impression of the cube floating on water as I worked with the water reflections,” said Mongourdin.


To achieve this incredible vision, the team selected 18 G-Spot LED moving heads from SGM with an IP-rating of 65.


“This concept required the only moving head on the market that can provide a high output while operating in a humid environment; actually, placed right next to a huge water screen. This being the G-Spot. And I must admit, I was also attracted to its LED system. So we decided to place 18 G-Spots in the pool,” said Mongourdin, who along with the team from GL events Audiovisual focused on providing top-quality service from design to production.


The G-Spot’s IP65-rating made usage of domes completely unnecessary, whereas, the light output and contrast of the luminaire maintained unaffected and, thus, the projection bright and powerful at all times. Head of the technical lighting department, Alexandre Trapon, reported:


“A brand-new stadium was built for this particular occasion in Brazzaville’s suburbs [Kintélé]. Right in the center of the stadium, this huge removable cube was constructed. The purpose of the cube was to use each side to project video onto, culminating in the cube unfolding like flower petals as finale. The cube was situated in a large pool with 10 cm deep water surrounding it, which had to be highlighted. On top of this, a water curtain above the pool continuously sprayed water on the moving heads for which reason we selected SGM’s G-Spot.
Even though I know that the G-Spot moving heads are IP65 rated, it is still very surprising to see these luminaires in such an environment. And realizing that none of the units showed any problems, it truly confirms that they are IP65 for sure!
Besides this, the open-air arena in Brazzaville was hit by a sandstorm just before the show. All other moving heads needed an internal cleaning of lenses and electronic parts. The G-Spots just needed an external clean up and they were ready to go!”
I am very enthusiastic about the G-Spot. This was my first time working with this moving head and we received fantastic feedback, especially, regarding the colors and the quality gobos. The quality of SGM’s products is very good, and we will for sure be using the G-Spot again for other shows.”

Products used

18 G-Spots from SGM enabled the closing ceremony despite sandstorm.


African Games, 50th Anniversary

Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo

Lighting Designer
Vincent Mongourdin

Martin Arnaud, “Les petits français”

Lighting Operator
Jean-Pierre Carry

Director of Operations
Matthieu Aufort

Technical Lighting Manager
Alexandre Trapon

Live Performance
GL events Audiovisual

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