G-7 BeaSt shines at San Remo 2021 light show

30 SGM G-7 BeaSt moving heads created an iconic look for the 2021 edition of the most important Italian song festival.

The Italian Song Festival, better known in Italy as the “Sanremo” festival, reached its 71st edition in 2021. It is the most relevant musical event broadcasted by RAI Italian television, and one of the oldest musical festivals in the world. This comptetition-based amazing show, won by Måneskin, combines a number of musical performances including singers, actors and dancers with a stunning backdrop of dynamic and eye-catching stage designs.

This year's event, with an average audience rate of 8 million viewers inside and outside Italy, is transmitted by the main Italian broadcasting company.


The G-7 BeaSt is a unique, narrow-beam spotlight that can throw a backlight around the artist, without generating overexposed, saturated highlights. The effects are very original and the colors are surprisingly good

Franco Calvini, Head of lighting

A lighting design based on the G-7 BeaSt

San Remo festival was dressed this year with an outstanding stage, including 30 G-7 BeaSt fixtures - specifically requested by the Cinematographer Mario Catapano, and supplied by Calvini Light Equipment Service. The fixtures impressed both the technical crew and the audience with their powerful output and unprecedented accuracy, alternating sharp, collimated aerial beams with unique strobe effects.

“We started the show with a scene including Chiara and Gaetano Castelli, trying to figure out how to come in with the lights”, said Mr. Catapano in an interview published by “It was a scenery setting with a lot of perspective; a lot of things were possible in terms of lighting. It was a very collaborative interaction, perfectly balanced, based on authentic teamwork.”

The G-7 BeaSt is an unprecedented DualSource product suitable for large stages and top-level productions, thanks to its versatility and to the expressive potential that it offers to Lighting Designers. Moreover, the Sanremo festival demonstrated its outstanding performance on TV.

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Fixture: 30 G-7 BeaSt

Event: Sanremo Music Festival 2021

Location: Ariston Theatre, Sanremo, Italy

Broadcasted by: RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.a.

Date: March 2021

Supplier: SGM Italy

Cinematographer: Mario Catapano

Service: Calvini Light Equipment Service

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