Indoor Windsurfing World Cup

Lighting up Polish World Championship venue

The PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) Indoor World Cup took place in the National Stadium of Warsaw, lasted for 3 days and cheered by more than 40,000 spectators.

They have less power consumption, are more durable and widens the opportunities for lighting design.

Sebastian Pachiarek

The Windsurfing World Cup in Poland

Adam Tyszka prepared the hands-on light set-up for this event, implementing his and Sebastian Pachciarek’s lighting design vision. Sebastian Pachciarek elaborates on this vision: “Our goal was to create a show that displayed the windsurfing competition in a new and unexpected way. This type of event is most commonly held on coastal areas, but in this case it was in a pool, specially built for the purpose.”

As an essential ingredient in the lighting design for this project, the two designers chose SGM’s popular SixPack pixel array with a powerful RGBA LED light source. They allocated no less than 100 pieces of the fixture in two different locations. The first grouping formed the so-called line-athletes and presentation area on the plate of the stadium. The second grouping of the SixPacks were located very close to the pool, underlining the advertising space on the stadium disc. “The IP65-rating was crucial in the decision to use the SixPacks in such an exposed area”, Pachciarek explains. 

As to the fact that the SixPacks are LED-based rather than conventional, Sebastian Pachiarek is very convinced about the benefits: “They have less power consumption, are more durable and widens the opportunities for lighting design.” 

Products used

No less than 100 SixPacks were at place at the arena.


Lighting Designers: Sebastian Pachiarek & Adam Tyszka

Venue: National Stadium, Warsaw

Organizer: Professional Windsurfers Association

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