Star in Motion illuminates the skies above Riyadh

The sun is in India, the moon is in Belgium and The Star in Motion is in Riyadh Koert Vermeulen, 2021.

This is how Belgium lighting designer Koert Vermeulen starts off describing his latest artwork for the Noor Riyadh festival, artwork which was conceptualized, designed, and manufactured at the ACTLD office in Belgium.

The 6 meters wide, 300+ individual elements and 5 tone diamond looking star is suspended well over 250m above ground level hosted by the Riyadh’s Kingdom Tower.

The artwork which resembles a diamond neckless during the day, is a star worthy of its name capable of delivering a blinding amount of 1.2 million lumens lighting up the dark sky in the Saudi Arabian capital city.

“…forever engraved in history…”

ACTLD 2021

A Guiness World Record

Such a herculean effort and technical innovation did not go unnoticed. Aside from the dazzled spectators who could admire the artwork during the 17 days festival, Vermeulen’s latest artwork caught the eye of a particular organization.

“…three billion years of existence, on the hour, by the hour” said Vermeulen who’s endeavour was to replicate a star’s lifetime from genesis to extinction giving the audience a glimpse of how such an amazing event unfolds in front of their eyes every night.

The globally known Guinness World Records awarded the Star in Motion the world record for the brightest suspended ornament with its 1.2 million lumens.

“…even at Rolling Stones I didn’t see rigging like this (…) I saw rigging elements like in the shipping industry” said Vermeulen who even him, a seasoned veteran in the lighting industry, had his work cut out for him. Hanging an artwork at over 250m in 160 km/h desert winds is not an easy task.

To achieve his vision, Koert Vermeulen decided to use 16 x SGM G-7 BeaSt due to its reduced weight, IP66 rating, extremely powerful beam and strobe and the rest, well the rest is history.

Products used

For this installation, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.


Lighting Designer: Koert Vermeulen

Agency: ACT Lighting Design

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