LT-200 LED tubes shape Bright Brussels Winter installation

Winter festival in the Belgian capital, lit up by SGM LT-200s

360 pcs. of LT-200 LED tubes were used for a big art installation at the bridge of Port the Flandre, created by Light Designer Jean-Jacques Marotte. It was one of 11 artworks that lit up Brussels during the Bright Brussels Winter project that took place from 2 December 2016 to 5 February 2017.

The product’s IP65-rating allowed me to control it without the need of any extra rain cover.

Jean-Jacques Marotte

Bright Brussels & SGM

Marotte had creative freedom to form his contribution to the project. It was important to him to celebrate this crossroads between two populations and the Brussels canal. He ended up with a concept of an illuminated bridge that connected the two sides of the river. Four lines of LED lights span the breadth of the water, spawning waves of light 15 metres in the air.

“I was looking for a product that had a 360° viewing angle. It was also crucial with a solution that was IP65-rated because of the rainy and snowy weather circumstances and because of the fact that it had to stay outdoors for two months.”

Via WIFI, he was able to control the pixel mapping from a distance. Marotte has a long track record, using LT-100/LT-200 in his installations:

“Indeed, I know the product very well and have already used it several times in TV, where the actual output is very important. In this case, the clear advantage for me was that the product’s IP65-rating allowed me to control it without the need of any extra rain cover.”

Products used

No less than 360 pieces of the SGM LT-200 were at work in the Belgian capital


Supply and installation

Christian Stenuit


Preparation and technical follow-up

Didier Dewaele


Lighting designer

Jean-Jacques Marotte

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