Massive SGM LED Package for Renovation Celebration

Architectural illumination marks completion of Inno building’s restoration

REDEVCO, one of the largest investors in European retail property, carried out the restoration of an architectural heritage of Flanders; the monumental department store, Inno building, in Antwerp. For the celebration of the completion of this considerable project, a special event was held in December putting the spotlight on the façade through an astonishing SGM light show accompanied by a contemporary musical selection.

The IP65-rating of the SGM fixtures has been crucial for the light show.

Christian Stenuit

Inno Building's facade with astonishing SGM light show

In the city of Antwerp, in Belgium, lies the luxurious shopping street Meir, connecting the town hall with the central station. Bringing in the highest rents of any street in Belgium and known to be the most expensive shopping street in the Benelux, Meir embraces the monumental department store, the Inno building consisting of two units dating back to 1901 and 1903.

CST Production was commissioned by event management company Fabulous Moment to lead the lighting design and production supply in relation to the restoration celebration. Lighting designer and owner of CST Production, Christian Stenuit, explains: “The aim was to create a strong visual signal — to magnify the building, to enhance the building’s architecture in general and to reinforce the visibility and beauty of the architectural and decorative features.”

Inno building’s façade stands 100m in width and 23m in height with three roof domes from 25m up to 47m, while including several architectural dimensions such as statues, pediments, vertical sections and symbols. With the objective of ensuring a lighting installation invisible to the outdoor spectator perspective, the lighting designer selected equipment consisting of SGM LED products. According to Stenuit these luminaires checked all the boxes: most effective and reliable tools, resistant to extreme weather conditions, advanced low-power and high-performance devices, impressive output and high-quality color mixing, good ergonomic character and wireless integrated fixtures.

Product selection
Deployed for this magnificent display of light were 20 G-Spot moving heads, 108 P-5 wash lights, 8 Q-7 and 22 Q-2 flood/blind/strobe lights.

“We have been experiencing extreme weather conditions during the whole production process, so the IP65-rating of the SGM fixtures has been crucial for the light show,” says Stenuit.
16 G-Spot were suspended on vertical truss attached to the public lighting poles projecting onto the façade utilizing seven different customized gobos, while another four units enhanced the highest architectural features from the rooftop.

Spread across the four floors of the building, 84 P-5s of both 15˚ and 43˚ beam angles illuminated the façade; 24 of the same units accomplished the task from the three roof domes; six Q-7 lit specific areas calling for a large aperture angle on the third floor; two of the same units lit the interior of the dungeon of the main dome; and finally 22 of the smaller Q-2 illuminated the several small architectural elements.

“The Q-2 is a powerful and versatile tool with top-of-class ergonomics,” says Stenuit about this recent addition to the SGM product portfolio. Weighing only 6 kg, the Q-2 demonstrates a very small and robust chassis, however, with an output of 12,000 lumens and an efficacy of 60 lumen per watt, it offers a wide flood of flicker-free colored light.

Adding the G-Spot to his design was for Stenuit an obvious choice. “It is the only IP65 spot luminaire on the market,” he affirms.

Products used

For this project, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.

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