Pink: Truth About Love Tour

SGM XC-5s created the perfect atmosphere for Pink tour

Production desginer Baz Halpin from Silent House Production chose 34 XC-5s for American pop singer, P!nk's world tour. The fixtures offered the designer a variety of options, and the audience a memorable performance.

They are a very reliable, consistent, bright fixture

Baz Halpin.

SGM XC-5s on tour with Pink

The P!nk set features 34 of SGM's XC-5s, strategically placed on ladders of trussing upstage left and right, for use as an audience blinder, and also on the roof and side trussing to provide more traditional strobe lighting onto the stage and performers. "In other words we use them both as a strobing feature, a hyper-flash blast and as a color bump for some more regular musical dynamics," explained Baz Halpin, top production desginer.


Baz was extrmnely satisfied with the strobes, all supplied by Production Resource Group (PRG). 

"I instantly loved the quality of the colors, the intensity, size and the low power consumption ... not to mention that the fixture could be more versatile than just a strobe," said Baz.

He described the set as “a sort of grungy Pulp Fiction game show world” with a lot of different types of performance within the show.

“Therefore the set had to be as versatile as possible,” explained Baz and continued. “It is an asymmetric design with a lot of moving video screens which constantly change the shape and feel of the set depending on the act within the show and the visual we try to create for an individual song."

The advantages of a low-profile, lightweight LED strobe, such as the XC-5, are manifold. Baz observed:

“They can be used in multiples, and they allow you to have a real strobe effect with no color scrollers breaking down, or white light leakage through the vents etc. Other benefits are the fact the XC-5s don’t need to ramp down / cool down and can be used as a scenic fixture also.”

And creatively they offer a ton of options, he said.

“That is one of their most valuable features. The fact that we can run color chases along with strobing patterns is a great new effect in the arsenal. The color versatility is fantastic and allows you to use them in more varied ways. They provide more of a scenic detail, creating shape along with dynamic punch.”

Finally, he noted that shows are moving inexorably towards more eco-friendly LED-type presentations (or latest generation discharge).

“We have already received comments about the low power consumption relative to the size of the rig,” he reveals.

So have the XC-5s met the demands that Silent House Productions imposed on them in terms of output and creativity?

“Absolutely,” Baz replied without hesitation. “In fact they are delivering more than we expected. They are a very reliable, consistent, bright fixture with none of the usual glare associated with LED fixtures. They are a great addition to the rig!”

Products used

34 XC-5s were chosen to create the show.


Production Designer: Baz Halpin

Production Company: Silent House Productions

Supplier: Production Resource Group

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