SGM’s G-Spot for Danish Circus Troupe

Reliable spotlight on artists and animals in Circus Dannebrog

Dating back to the 18th hundred, Cirkus Dannebrog holds an important role in the Danish circus traditions. With the turn of the millennium, the circus got onboard with technological developments and started using the latest innovations in lighting, bringing them to SGM LED luminaires in 2015.

With only 20 minutes to set up, and 10 minutes to dismount (...) only one lamp was to my liking: the G-Spot!

Liza Van Der Voorn

The G-Spot for Cirkus Dannebrog

Following the technological trends, Cirkus Dannebrog decided to incorporate LED luminaires to their beloved circus shows in the beginning of the 2000s. In 2015, their lighting designer and programmer, Liza Van Der Voorn chose to add SGM fixtures to their existing group of luminaires, which, in return, gave them reliable, low cost, and practically maintenance-free LED light.

Since 2001, Cirkus Dannebrog has been focusing and working with lighting as an important element to the audience experience in relation to both artists and animals, as well as the overall circus tent atmosphere.


Lighting designer Liza Van Der Voorn has designed and programmed light for the circus troupe for multiple seasons, solely deploying LED technology. In 2015, the lighting designer enthusiastically added six SGM G-Spot moving heads to the light set-up, and she was thrilled to discover the G-Spot’s outstanding quality and flawless operation.


“With only 20 minutes to set up, and 10 minutes to dismount the big circular lighting rig, I was looking for a reliable moving head for the summer tour,” Liza said, who arrived to a new city each day with the travelling circus. “Only one lamp was to my liking: The G-Spot!”


The six G-Spots, supplied by Urs Friis-Alstrup at Matrix Sales ApS, was added to a pre-existing rig of 20-30 LED lamps. Opting for a solely LED-based solution brought in significant savings in energy, especially, their diesel consumption, as the circus often utilized their own generators when travelling across the country.


Besides being waterproof, the IP65 rating and dehumidifier in the G-Spot eliminates the accumulation of other ‘foreign’ and damaging particles, such as dust, dirt, and sand, all unavoidable elements in a circus environment. Therefore, with these features, the G-Spot proved to be the perfect choice, as it saved the circus crew valuable time and costs for maintenance and cleaning, while prolonging the lifetime of the fixture.

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SGM’s G-Spot is a permanent part of the light setup for the travelling circus show.


Cirkus Dannebrog Tour


Planning and Design
Liza Van Der Voorn

Urs Friis-Alstrup, Matrix Sales ApS

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