SGM chosen for Oasis venue in Mall of Qatar

Various luminaires from SGM selected for Mall of Qatar's lighting concept

German consultancy company LichtUnit GmbH is responsible for the planning of Qatar Mall’s lighting concept, and in regards to the show concept they rely on various luminaires from SGM.

We have used a total of eight SGM G-Profile moving heads, flanked by 46 P-5 wash lights and four Q-7 flood/blind/strobe lights.

Stephan Flören

SGM visits oasis in Qatar

At the center of the shopping paradise is the so-called Oasis stage area. In addition to regular musical vignettes and other performances, larger-scaled shows are also produced at the venue. A cast of about 40 people, consisting of technicians, dancers, singers and artists from all over the world dedicate their efforts towards the stage area; currently running four shows, with two more scheduled for the remaining 2017.

The Oasis venue is ​​approximately 100 x 80 meters with a center stage of 12 meters in diameter. It further features a swivel and retractable center floor of 6 meters in diameter. Managing Director Stephan Flören of Light Unit GmbH stated:

"Above the stage is a light rig with a 24 meters outer diameter. We have used a total of eight SGM G-Profile moving heads, flanked by 46 P-5 wash lights and four Q-7 flood/blind/strobe lights. This setup ensures a wide range of possibilities to illuminate the different shows perfectly."

All SGM fixtures are based on LED technology. The three fixtures selected for this particular installation are all IP65-rated and practically maintenance-free; not requiring the frequent cleaning and servicing of conventional fixtures as elements such as dust and smoke do not accumulate inside the unit. 

The G-Profile moving head is ideal for enhancing stage performances at Oasis with its option of combining framing techniques with five rotating gobos plus open for gobo animation and interaction when framing is used. Its high power RGBY LED light source ensures a powerful color output for dynamic lighting designs. 

The project was completed by Premium Projects (a division of Chris van Kamp Consult UG (limited liability) & Co. KG). In addition to light specification, LichtUnit GmbH also organized the tender documents and planning in details the DMX setup and the network. "Additionally, we have planned the media server system with all components and camera/mixer connections," says Stephan Flören, adding: "We are currently also taking care of the visual design of the individual shows and adapting the programming for them, primarily via our visualization studio in Pulheim near Cologne. On site, we improve minor details and correct the presets."

About LichtUnit GmbH 
The independent and manufacturer-independent consulting company offers its customers integrated planning, consulting and implementation for audiovisual media technology, digital signage, control solutions and networking of trades.

Products used

For this installation, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.


Venue: Mall of Qatar

Production Company: LichtUnit GmbH

Production Manager: Stephan Flören

Project Planning: Premium Projects

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