SGM G-7 BeaSts lights up the Star Trek: Picard premiere in London

Starring with the BeaSts

The Odeon Leicester Square was a sight to behold on January 15, as fans arrived at the theatre to catch the first glimpse of the Star Trek Picard premiere. Adding to the charm were SGM’s G-7 BeaSts provided by IPS. Supplying the technical production side of the events industry, IPS have extensive stocks of Staging, Rigging, Lighting, Video, Sound and Power equipment and work on projects all over the UK and beyond.

We were looking for a fixture that could create a bright colored beam effect to frame the stage and look great on camera. The BeaSt offered the ability to widen the beam to a halo that could be seen by the crowd and on camera added a great space age aesthetic. A small random flash on the central strobe added just the right twinkle to complete the look    

Richard Godin

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