SGM helps the Stars to shine for Celebrating America

SGM P-1s provided a quick and light-touch key-light solution for several performances during 2021 US presidential inauguration. Due to their 100% wireless opeational capabilities, the P-1s were placed were they were needed, providing a clean look wihtout cables.

With host Tom Hanks introducing live performances from Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, and Katy Perry, Celebrating America was an iconic, star-studded production leading up to the 2021 US presidential inauguration. Taking place live in various locations around the US Capitol, a careful and flexible production design was crucial in delivering a top-quality performance while respecting security and location constraints for each performer.

P-1s are small, portable, and don't need cabling. It was a way of keeping it clean and being light-handed with the memorial. The National Park Service made the good point that it is a memorial, not a performance venue, and we wanted to respect that

Travis Hagenbuch (LD) - Full Flood, Inc.

Clean look, quick setup, perfect lighting

Designed by Bruce Rogers of Tribe, Inc., and with lighting design by Bruce Dickinson and Travis Hagenbuch, of Full Flood, Inc., Celebrating America was a 90-minute series of live and remote performances that complemented the lighting installation at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. SGM P-1s provided a quick and light-touch key-light solution for several performances. Taking place around the Lincoln Memorial, Hagenbuch notes that he and Dickinson went with SGM P-1 wash units because they are small, portable, and they don't need cabling.

With power provided via a built-in battery and controlled with either the on-board player or integral Lumenradio transceivers, the P-1s were placed were they were needed, providing a clean look without cables.

Whether used on their own to light Katy Perry in front of the 20,000-shell firework display in the background, or while lighting Bruce Springsteen's now iconic performance of Land of Hope and Glory in front of the Lincoln Memorial inside a custom designed oval facia, the P-1s performed flawlessly.

In service with rental outlets around the world, the P-1 has proven to be a dependable, color-calibrated portable wash which excels at both live event lighting and lighting for broadcast. One of the first battery powered, professional-level wash fixtures, the P-1 has been often imitated, but never matched in both reliability and output for size.

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Production Design: Bruce Rogers

Lighting Design: Bruce Dickinson

Lighting Design: Travis Hagenbuch

Lighting Director: Andrew Lott

Gaffer: Ritchie Beck Jr.

Best Boys: Chris Moeller, Jimmy Fedigan, Sean Fedigan, Bobby Tacoma

Programmers: Ron Marin, Sal Nicosa

Technicians: Matt Geneczko, Jeff Anderson

Staging Supervisor: RJ Styles

And with the support of IATSE Local 22

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