SGM Light on tour with the Rolling Stones

No Filter, but heavily illuminated

SGM P-Series part of world-renowned lighting designer's major setup for the Rolling Stones No Filter tour.

SGM touring with the Rolling Stones

For more than 35 years, industry-renowned lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe has worked with the famous rock band, the Rolling Stones. For the high-profile No Filter tour, the designer used 75 P-2 and 24 P-10 washlights as part of a stunning lighting set-up.

With a true IP65-rating, superior thermal management, and immense power output, Patrick Woodroffe often turns to SGM luminaires for his stage lighting designs.
In a previous statement, Patrick Woodroffe has mentioned that the Rolling Stones do not take themselves very seriously, but they do take the production very seriously.


"Their imperfection is their strength in many ways - and it gives them an authenticity that the audience gets from the very first note that's played. You don't get every note played perfectly from night to night, but you do get something that's pretty real," said Patrick Woodroffe in an interview with the magazine Musicweek

Products used

75 P-2 and 24 P-10 washlights used on the No Filter tour.


The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour

Planning and Design
Patrick Woodroffe


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