SGM luminaires for theatrical harbor production

Small physical footprints and weather-resistance fixtures made all the difference

In collaboration with Aarhus Film Workshop, Aarhus Harbor and others, Aarhus Theater changed scenery and produced a fascinating site-specific show called "Freight" at the harbor in Aarhus using various IP65-rated fixtures from SGM. Thereby, the theater's regular artform met real-life at this unpolished location.

SGM fixtures for theater at the harbor site

When tasked with the task of illuminating the site-specific theatrical production called "Freight" at the habor in Aarhus, lighting designer Theis Wermuth from Create This selected IP65-rated fixtures from SGM due to their small physical footprint and ability to withstand any type of weather challenge.


Rigging in heights in the cranes is always challenging, so lighting designer Theis Wermuth from Create This had huge requirements to luminaires' reliability and durability.

“I needed IP65-rated LED fixtures with a small physical footprint in order for them to fit into the limited space on the cranes and to withstand any weather element thrown at them on such an exposed location. I have previously worked with SGM fixtures and knew that they would be the right choice,” said Theis Wermuth, who transformed the harbor site and cranes using multiple SGM LED luminaires, including several of the G-Spot moving head, the small battery-driven P-1 wash light, and the new SGM G-4 Wash-Beam moving head.

Aarhus harbor is an extremely busy location with many activities taking place all day. Therefore, for the project to succeed, it was important that the cranes could be fully operational during the day. The SGM fixtures’ compact housing designs proved key to creating a beautiful light show with no interference to the working environment of the harbor logistics.

This production was created as part of Aarhus’ appointment as European Capital of Culture 2017.

Products used

Create This selected 30 G-4 Wash-Beam, two G-Spot moving heads, and six P-1 wash-lights to illuminate this theatrical production.

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