SGM provides the lighting for the International Mobility Show 2021

The International Mobility Show (IAA) is the largest mobility event in the world. It is a trade fair for passenger cars where technological advancements and innovative mobility solutions are presented. The IAA 2021 took place in Munich, Germany with Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz once again being the main exhibitors, and it couldn't have looked better, thanks to the top-class Pool of Experts from TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH and versatile SGM fixtures.

SGM products are the right tool for any challenge.

Alexander Orkisch, project manager and lighting designer

SGM P-Series brought Summit and Open Space to life

TLD specializes in providing a wide range of services related to media technology and has locations in Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, and Los Angeles. For the IAA 2021, Mercedes-Benz tasked TLD with the the lighting design and implementation for two exhibition areas – Summit and Open Space. TLD relied on SGM fixtures from the P-Series as they could deliver exactly what was needed.

The Mercedes-Benz's Open Space at Odeonplatz, a historic square in central Munich, was intended as a space for interaction between visitors and exhibitors, with live performances and interactive exhibitions. It was transformed into a truly magical and vibrant venue with Janet Echelman's creation "Earthtime 1.26 - Munich". The floating artwork, inspired by the motion of waves caused by shifting plate tectonics in the Pacific Ocean, turned Odeonplatz into an art experience visitors will remember for a long time.

For this impressive art installation where light was the key element, TLD had to consider multiple factors when choosing the right fixtures, including challenging weather conditions due to the installation taking place in summer, as well as high luminous ranges.

During extensive testing, the SGM P-10 washlight ticked all the boxes and was ultimately chosen: "Positioning and selecting the right fixtures went through a complex approval and coordination process with all the authorities and planning partners involved," says Alexander Orkisch, continuing, "extreme luminous ranges in inner-city areas demanded powerful and reliable LED fixtures for outdoors. During our research and extensive luminaire testing, the SGM P-10 LED washlight convinced us in all aspects, with rich colors, enormous light output and the possibility to shape the light output with a variety of lenses. Extreme weather conditions, such as hailstorms, strong winds and midsummer temperatures could not harm the lights over a runtime of about 2 months."

As the evening approached, the Open Space turned into a concert venue beneath the illuminated artwork. The "Artificial Soul" festival required a unique lighting setup to provide the artists with a stage feel in a rather unusual environment and, in order to achieve that, TLD opted for the SGM P-2 washlights: "Through the room-spanning arrangement of SGM P-2 washlights in a rather atypical installation method, we provided the on-stage environment for the performing artists within the complex architectural conditions," explains Alexander Orkisch.

The Summit, however, was intended to look more like a classic trade fair, being the technical core of the IAA 2021. The successful presentation of the Mercedes-Benz's VISION AVTR – a vehicle equipped with Brain Computer Interface technology - called for superior lighting solutions due to the vehicle's self-luminous elements on the outside as well as its media surfaces on the inside. That is where the SGM P-6 washlight came into play.

The P-6 satisfied the main requirements which were "detailed adjustment of colors, brightness and saturation", and thus provided the correct, balanced lighting level that TLD aimed for.  Placed evenly across the ceiling of the room, it complemented the atmosphere of the exhibition space as well as the distinctive shape of the vehicle, creating a clean and calm image. Making use of elliptical filters, TLD immersed the large-area graphics in the mystical color worlds, thus creating a scenic space.

"We illuminated the pioneering concept vehicle with its future-oriented technologies in a cool white tone that supported the distinctive shape of the vehicle, overcoming one of the biggest challenges - finding the right and balanced lighting level. Thanks to the SGM P-6 – we achieved a great result", says Alexander Orkisch.

Products used

P-2, P-6, P-10


Lighting design: Alex Orkisch, Richard Profe

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Artist: Janet Echelman

Photos: Andreas Keller Photography

Planning partners: Atelier Markgraph GmbH ,jungled nerves GmbH, formTL Ingenieure

Exhibition stand construction: Displayinternational; Klartext

Technology supplier: Neumann & Müller; Sound & Light Leonberg

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