The future is colourful

This year (Sept, 2022), Aalborg witnessed first-hand, the rebirth of a structure, allowing its originality to be of inspiration for others. The 34m (112ft) tall mammoth, which at first glance seems dormant, plays a vital role in offering hot water and heating to the over 200.000 inhabitants of Aalborg.

Aalborg Forsyning in collaboration with Kollision, has made a significant contribution to the city’s skyline, with the unveiling of the new lighting attraction, disguised as an old storage silo. Using the unique properties of 544 SGM VPL light fixtures, the silo has now come to life with vibrant colors reverberating in the long Nordic twilights.

The bright display of these LED lights allows for the curious to learn interesting facts about energy consumption, while entertaining everyone with a variety of beautiful colorful shades. The 100m long circumference can be admired from an impressive distance, and by creating a pleasant glow on the neighboring buildings, this massive structure now stands proud in the growing residential landscape around it.

Products used

544 x VPL light fixtures


Client: Aalborg Forsyning

Lighting Designer: Kollision

Electrical contractor: EL:Con Aalborg

Photo credits: Andreas Lykke-Olesen / Kollision

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