SGM LIGHT The games utilizes the complex training of tank crews including their rough terrain passing skills combined with the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire while performing maneuvers
SGM P-5s shed light on International Military Games 2016 Read more
SGM LIGHT On May 6 2017, SGM fixtures lit up the Monza race track in Italy for Nike's Breaking2 Marathon event
P-5s highlight Nike's Breaking2 marathon event Read more
SGM LIGHT P-5s in snowy conditions for Swedish rally
Snowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lights Read more
SGM LIGHT G-1 and P-5 work together, lighting up the historic Montacute House
G-1 and P-5 shed light on Renaissance building Read more
SGM LIGHT P-5s, P-2s, and Q-7s were chosen to illuminate old monuments and historic buildings at the annual e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge
SGM Creates Riveting Nightscapes at e-Luminate Festival Read more
SGM LIGHT Spectacular sight for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
SGM's P-5 used to light up world’s largest hemispherical building Read more
SGM LIGHT Historical buildings of Philadelphia bathed in light
SGM adds an extra splash of patriotism to the Democratic National Convention Read more
SGM LIGHT The RAGNAROCK museum’s gold-studded facade, the red-carpet runway and the lobby are exclusively equipped with SGM lighting fixtures
SGM lighting on RAGNAROCK Museum Read more
SGM LIGHT Adding a touch of magic and drama
R-2s enhancing ‘Textile Power’ in new permanent exhibition Read more
SGM LIGHT F1-Grand Prix carried out with the speed of light
Famous tunnel lit by SGM fixtures for the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix Read more
SGM LIGHT Cosmopol shopping center brought to light
The P-5 Adds Color to the Cosmopol Shopping Center Read more
SGM LIGHT German consultancy company LichtUnit GmbH is responsible for the planning of Qatar Mall’s lighting concept, and in regards to the show concept they rely on various luminaires from SGM
SGM chosen for Oasis venue in Mall of Qatar Read more

Leading architectural and stage lighting

This section features those projects and lighting exhibitions undertaken by numerous creative design professionals, who have chosen SGM Light's reliable stage lighting and architectural products to effectively translate their unique vision to impress audiences around the world. It is their talented inspiration, creativity, and imagination that drive our industry, and we at SGM Light are proud to provide the tools and means to bring each of these unique and creative ideas to life on stage and in architectural projects.

In this industry, no two projects are identical, whether it is a live musical, stage lighting event, or performance, or an illumination of a building, bridge, monument, landscape, or exhibition. What all these spectacular projects have in common, though, is the employment of powerful products from SGM Light. The impressive features in the wide range of powerful and reliable SGM Light luminaires assure designers all the tools to perfectly ahieve exactly their creative vision as it appears in their mind's eye.

Review these impressive lighting projects featuring products from SGM Light to witness what others have achieved with our award-winning stage lighting solutions. You may draw inspiration, ideas, or find a new direction for your next important project. If you are already familiar with SGM fixtures, and know which lighting instruments you need, or if you have a project requiring a custom engineered solution, please locate your local sales office, who is ready to assist you. At SGM Light, we are always ready to collaborate and provide support to the efforts and talents of our stage, architectural and technical professionals.

Make your new stage lighting project the inspiration for others to follow with SGM Light's award-winning lighting solutions.