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Sustainable and versatile LED lighting for installations and stages

This section features those projects and lighting shows undertaken by numerous creative design professionals, who have chosen SGM Light's reliable stage lighting and architectural products to effectively translate their unique vision to impress audiences around the world. It is their talented inspiration, creativity, and imagination that drive our industry, and we at SGM Light are proud to provide the tools and means to bring each of these unique and creative ideas to life on stage and in architectural projects.

In this industry, no two projects are identical, whether it is a live musical or stage lighting event, or an illumination of a building, bridge, monument or landscape. What all these spectacular projects have in common, though, is the employment of powerful products from SGM Light. The different features in the wide range of innovative and solid SGM Light luminaires assure designers all the tools to perfectly achieve their creative vision as it appears in their mind's eye.

Review these impressive lighting projects featuring products from SGM Light to witness what others have envisioned with our award-winning stage lighting and installation-based solutions. You may draw inspiration, ideas, or find a new direction for your next important project. If you are already familiar with SGM fixtures, and know which lighting instruments you need, or if you have a project requiring a custom engineered solution, please locate your local sales office, who is ready to assist you. At SGM Light, we are always ready to collaborate and provide support to the efforts and talents of our stage, architectural and technical professionals.