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XC·5 Read more
SGM LIGHT A connector suitable for VP Power + Data Joiner and VP Data Redundancy Interface.
Waterproof RJ-45 Kit Read more
SGM LIGHT This bracket allows the use of stage lighting clamps such as G-Clamps or half-couplers with the VPL fixtures.
VPL Touring bracket Read more
VPL Smoked clear lens Read more
VPL Single installation bracket Read more
SGM LIGHT A snap-on lens for VPL fixtures, to be found in different lengths and enclosures. With these lenses, the direct view perception of pixels can be altered.
VPL Opal lens Read more
VPL Opal / Black lens Read more
SGM LIGHT Makes it possible to link two or more VPL fixtures physically together.
VPL Dual installation bracket Read more
VPL 610·20 Read more
SGM LIGHT Stunning project with various SGM fixtures
Modern meets ancient for Colosseum illumination Read more
SGM LIGHT SGM lights up Festival of Lights
SGM used at Diwali Festival of Lights Read more
SGM LIGHT Microsoft UK in purple to show their support for people with disabilities
Microsoft shows support with SGM Read more
SGM LIGHT Oldest chimney in Shanghai with modern illumination
SGM Lights up Shanghai’s Oldest Chimney Read more
SGM LIGHT SGM's G-4 Wash used in big theatrical production
Popular musicals highlighted by moving heads from SGM Light Read more
SGM LIGHT High-scale light installation on former prison
Ambitious Illumination on world’s largest prison museum Read more
SGM LIGHT SGM lighting up city river and cemetery
Energy and Lights in Alingsås Read more
SGM LIGHT No Filter, But Heavily Illuminated
SGM Light on tour with the Rolling Stones Read more
SGM LIGHT Martin Holst specified various SGM fixtures for this beautiful installation
Realdania lit in red for Culture Night in Copenhagen Read more
SGM LIGHT i-2 White POIs Illuminate Streets of Syracuse
SGM in Howard Brandston illumination Project in New York Read more