The Q-8: next cue, next level

One single luminaire with two punchy strobes, a high color rendering floodlight, and a direct-view blinder with pixel capabilities.

The SGM Q-8 is a DualSource™ touring fixture that is made to the quality standards of a studio fixture. The evolution of the Q-7 brings to market a combined 52,675 lumens strobe blinder, and a 51,771 lumens studio-quality floodlight with TLCI 90+ (TruColor+™).


Everything you liked, and more

You love everything about Q-7. It’s flexible, it’s easy to use, it looks nice. We can’t reinvent what already works, but we can take it to the next level. The Q-8 inherits the durability of the P-6 and the innovation of the G-7 BeaSt in a versatile, high-quality DualSource™ tool.

Superior performance, new features, advanced control.


Double tap strobe, segment controlled

52,675 lumens in 2 individual strobe blinders
8 controllable pixels (4 on strobe blinders, 4 on panel)
Dual color strobe in the RGBW panel

Two color engines in the same luminaire

New VersaPathTM designer selectable algorithm
SGM premium color mixing with enhanced dimming
Emulated color presets in both engines

TruColor+ high color rendering

47,232 lumens at 5,600 K (CRI 96)
TLCI 95+ via RAW RGBW modes
TLCI > 90 and CRI > 90 via SGM color engines with CTC

NextGen SGM design platform

High power LEDs with individual parabolic reflectors
Tilt-locks with angle indicator
Handle and OLED display on top


Full control over effects and color features

DualSourceTM macros with speed control
2,000 K to 10,000 K color temperature range
RGBW, CMY, HSI, and XY in calibrated and RAW modes
DMX-configurable standard path and VersaPathTM


Superior dimming performance

3 master intensity channels
13 dimming curves including extended ranges
Optimized low-end dimming

Advanced studio features

3.1 Khz to 30 Khz LED frequency control
7 High-speed modes for super slow-motion camera setups
0 – 100 % fan speed control for silent performance
Color filter emulation over CTC and plus / minus green adjustment

Multiple and reliable connections

Wireless DMX / RDM and CRMX bridge (LumenRadio)
IP66 power in and power thru chassis connectors
IP67 5-pin XLR chassis connectors


Developed, manufactured and tested in Denmark

Premium user-centered design
Flexible manufacturing process
Short reaction time; faster deliveries
Integrated support ( R&D / production / after-sales)


If you want to know more...

Find detailed brochures, specs, photometrics, manuals, DMX charts, and illustrations in the

Q-8 product page