Spanner key / Magnet for POI

Item no. 19080604

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  • Lightweight and tough; prepared for wireless connections
  • Fits all Pig-Nose tilt locks of POI products

This spanner key is included with the packaging in all POI products with Pignose tilt locks. It includes two Pignose sizes in order to fit all SGM products in the POI range. The key allows the authorized installers to focus the beam of light in POI static washes, by unlocking the tilt lock. When the operation is finished, the spanner key ensures the fixture is safely locked for permanent installation, preventing vandalism.

The item is also equipped with an internal magnet to perform a "Log Off" operation in POI products with wireless DMX/RDM. To perform this feature, the spanner must be placed close to the LED status indicator in the fixture.


Color options Black - RAL 9004


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