G·Profile Turbo module

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  • Transforms the G-Spot Turbo into a G-Profile Turbo
  • Includes Green Dichroic Mode for RLB sources

The G-Profile Turbo Module is an add-on framing shutter module, which is interchangeable with the gobo module of the original G-Spot Turbo. By making the switch, you actually transform the functionality of the G-Spot Turbo into a G-Profile Turbo, achieving all the benefits known from the G-Profile Turbo.

Unlike the G-Profile module, this G-Profile Turbo module includes the green dichroic linear system, compatible with RLB lightsources.

The G-Profile Turbo Module allows the G-Spot Turbo to perform beam-shaping images and projections via four individually controllable blades, each adjustable ±30 degrees while the module is rotatable through ±45 degrees.

When the G-Profile Turbo Module is added, the option of combining framing techniques with five rotating gobos and gobo animation/interaction is still maintained. This is a perfect appliance for enhancing performance for television productions, theatres and architectural installations.

The set of SGM designed gobos allows for the creation of user-controllable soft framing. This combined with the effect wheel add as an extension to one another for achieving continuous dynamic animation effect in a stepless manner.

The Green Mode feature included in the G-Profile Turbo module allows the RLB lightsource engine of the G-Profile Turbo to output an extended color palette with different shades of green, while allowing the unit to simulat RGB colors compatible to those available in the G-Profile.



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