VPL Smoked Frosted lens

Snap-on accessory

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  • Flat diffuser with smoked finish, for a better look when LEDs are switched off
  • Snap-on attachment to the fixtures

This accessory is a snap-on Frosted flat and lifted lens for VPL fixtures, available in different lengths. Using these lenses, the direct view perception of pixels can be altered creating softer textures, with a flat look. When there is no light coming out of the fixture, the lens becomes a dark grey surface due to its smoked finish.The sides of this square lens are black to avoid reflections and hotspots.


The VPL Smoked Frosted lens can be ordered for VPL 305-20, VPL 610-20, or VPL 1220-20 with open ends. A 1330mm lens is also available for users who need to cut the lenses in order to match a specific distance.


Ordering information:


- Item no. 83061085: VPL Smoked Frosted lens (for VPL 305-20)

- Item no. 83061086: VPL Smoked Frosted lens (for VPL 610-20)

- Item no: 83061087: VPL Smoked Frosted lens (for VPL 1220-20)

- Item no: 83061088: VPL Smoked Frosted lens, 1330mm (for customized length sizes)


Color options Diffused White


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Ordering information

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