Diffusion filter for P·2, i·2 - elliptical horizontal, external

Item no. 83061023

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  • Slide-on rigid filter suitable for Accessory Holders
  • Compatible with barndoors; no need for color frames

This Elliptical horizontal diffusion filter is suited for the P-2 and i-2 series and is part of an accessory range consisting of four different rigid diffusion filters.

The i-2 offers a standard 8.5º beam angle, which can be shaped to a 12º x 63º elliptical horizontal beam angle when using the elliptical horizontal wide angle diffusion filter. The P-2 offers three interchangeable lenses (15º, 21º, 43º) which can be combined with this elliptical horizontal diffusion filter to expand beam angle spread capabilities.

This filter needs to be mounted in the Accessory Holder for P-2 and i-2 series, and can be combined with 4-way and 8-way barndoors.


Net weight 0.07 kg (0.2 lbs)


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