G·Spot Module

Item no. 83061407

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  • Transforms a G-Profile into a G-Spot
  • High reliability

The G-Spot Module is an add-on gobo module, which is interchangeable with the framing shutter module of the G-Profile.

Transforming your G-Profile into a G-Spot moving head is easily and quickly carried out with the G-Spot Module. Simply replace the integrated framing shutter module from your G-Profile with the G-Spot Module and you will achieve the exact same benefits known from the renowned G-Spot. Your gobo selection will double from five to ten, as the framing shutter module will be replaced with an extra gobo wheel, offering a variety of performance possibilities e.g. for the clubbing and entertainment segment.


Net weight 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs)


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