DynaMix® is the latest version of the SGM calibrated color engine. It increases the output of mixed colors and whites through a combination of firmware and hardware. Dynamic scaling through DynaMix means that a single color can be boosted to double its output, resulting in twice the amount of power going to one color. The same goes for mixed colors. DynaMix will always maximize the amount of power going to saturated and mixed colors. With DynaMix each SGM fixture is capable of much greater output, maximizing efficiency and budget.


ThermalDrive® is SGM’s proprietary method of controlling active cooling and drive currents based on a feedback loop from temperature and fan speed sensors in critical fixture locations. This control is calibrated to control longevity through staying within manufacturer specs for the LEDs and other heat critical components. ThermalDrive regulates temperatures in various areas of a fixture to stay below critical thresholds. It will lower output if maximum temperatures are reached and the fans or active coolers are at maximum programmed speed (if present).

Many architectural lighting manufacturers do not use active cooling. Some have active cooling with fans, but few utilize as many sensors as we do to actively cool the fixtures. Active cooling is a large component of how we can achieve the high outputs that we have, relative to a fixtures size. Active cooling can also increase a fixtures longevity if the correct coolers, with sealed fan bearings and features meant for exterior applications are utilized.

TruColor® and TruColor+®

TruColor® = Calibration + Color Engine. Calibration and Color Engine are one and the same thing with SGM products  and TruColor is the name of SGMs calibrated color engine. The Color Engine is the software that generates the light output relative to the DMX input received. Through our calibration process we measure and register individual colors for each fixture. Then the color engine uses these measurements to create the same color mixes across different fixtures. TruColor+ is brings very high color rendering (CRI / TLCI / CQS 90+) in combination with high-output dynamic whites. SGM's TruColor+ fixtures use an enhanced calibrated color engine that improves accuracy and consistency both for color mixing and low-end dimming, while matching the SGM color palette to provide unity across fixtures.

TruColor ensures that all SGM fixtures with TruColor will match each other in white and color mixes, dimming performance and output levels. Many manufacturers don’t implement any form of calibration in their fixtures leaving it up to the end user to make sure all colors across multiple fixtures match. This is tedious work. For white mixes we can guarantee that simple RGB mixing results in a perfect white mix by using software to balance and finetune the mix between White and RGB LEDs. We make consistency easy.


DryTech® is a combination of SGM’s patented active dehumidification process and the design and materials used to create our corrosion resistant and IP rated enclosures, i.e. the vacuum testable state.

DryTech uses a patented and proven electrolysis process derived from electricity passing over a membrane to breakdown water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, thus removing water from the interior cavity of the fixtures.

Many manufacturers have designed other systems around our patent which either use sacrificial dry bags or just use heat to get rid of water, but DryTech is the only actively powered dehumidification, working on a molecular level, in the architectural or entertainment.



When including this proprietary technology, the luminaire features two types of light source in the same reliable fixture, allowing independent operational capabilities in terms of control, output, beam angle, design, and energy consumption. All DualSource™ fixtures are based on an optimized power management system that shares the same power supply for all sources, while delivering the maximum possible output in each light source when used independently.



Designer selectable algorithm for advanced color path control, allowing any mixed RGB value to hold a specific color point in the spectrum by modifying the color temperature data. Color filter emulation presets react to color temperature adjustments when this color path is selected. All products featuring the next-gen VersaPath™ color engine also include the standard SGM proprietary color mixing algorithm.