VP Extension cable

Overmolded cables

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  • Intended to link VP fixtures together
  • Waterproof / Dustproof
  • Single multicore cable for Power and Data
  • Available in different lengths and formats

This waterproof cable use overmolded VP connectors for VPL fixtures, and it is available in different lengths and formats. Using these cables, it is possible to install VP fixtures according to the needs of any setup or installation.

VP Extension cables with male and female VP connectors inserted can be ordered in lengths of 1, 2.5 or 5 meters. For those installations needing shorter or longer extension cables, two VP Custom Extension cable Kits are available in 1m or 10m. Each kit includes a VP cable with one molded female VP connector in one side, and flying ends in the other side, plus a separate male VP connector for customized insertion.


Data / Power input Multicore 8 pin cable 1xShield, 2xPower, 4xSignal
Data / Power output 8 pin X-Lok connector IP68
Temperature range, operating -20°C to 60°C
Temperature range, start-up -20°C to 60°C
Temperature range, storage -40°C to 80°C


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Crimping tool for VP connector 83062301


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