RGBW LED Wash Light

Housing colors
White RAL 9010
Black RAL 9004
Custom any RAL
Info shortcuts
  • High-performance color LED wash light
  • 35º, 25º and 15º native lenses
  • Ideal application: building facades, landscape and trees, signage, and architectural features
  • Rugged and ultra-compact construction in only 6.1kg (13.5 lbs.) / Low power consumption (W)
  • Superior optical color mixing and no color shifts
  • Flicker-free operation with 100% smooth dimming performance
  • 5-year warranty in corrosion class C5-M (marine)
  • IP66-rated with a patented built-in dehumidifier for a maintenance free operation

The P-2 POI is a bright and powerful IP66-rated outdoor LED wash light, ideally suited for small to medium size applications such as building facades, landscapes and trees, signage, and architectural features. The P-2 POI comes with different beam angles to comply with specific illumination tasks. It offers key features such as color calibration, seamless beam projection, and low power consumption. The P-2 POI luminaire comes with different beam angles to comply with specific illumination tasks.

The P-2 POI is an ultra compact form-follows-function Danish designed luminaire that blends in with any contemporary or historical architecture. The body and frame is made from extruded or pressure cast marine grade aluminium, Oxsilan ® pre-treated, and powder coated to corrosion class C5-M marine grade. The front lens consists of impact resistant tempered glass with marine grade stainless steel and aluminum fixings. The scale and fan cover is made of durable material, including impact and UV resistant P6. This fixture also comes with pignose tilt locks and a scale with mark on yoke for easy installation. The pignose tilt locks can be locked in place using the included key, protecting your fixed installations from vandalism and theft.

LED Technology
The compact, rectangular, full color P-2 POI incorporates 18 high-power 10W RGBW LEDs, divided into three vertical segments, which can be controlled individually. This powerful wash delivers 8727 verified lumens as maximum output with the 35º lens option. It outputs 2526 lumens in Red, 2709 lumens in Green and 715 lumens in Blue. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

SGM flood lights are designed to achieve deep reds and warm pastels but also blue saturates, bright magentas, and soft turquoises, and includes linear colour temperature control from 2000K - 10000K. Additionally, the P-2 POI delivers best-in-class optical color mixing, with the same accurate color calibration as the entire SGM flood light range, avoiding color shifts.

The P-2 POI series is available in three optical lens variants. Individual injection molded high performance optical lenses ensure extremely even distribution, maximum output, and perfect color mixing without color shift. Available in native symmetrical lenses of either 15°, 25°, or 45° (beam and field angles described in specifications).

The IP66-rating of the P-2 POI luminaire ensures that the fixture is kept free from externally induced particles and liquids on internal electronics, optics, and light sources, including acidic air pollution, making it ideally suited for near- and offshore areas with high salinity. The need to clean optics is eliminated and no internal corrosion will occur. Extensive testing ensures maximum durability to vibration and physical impact. 
Additionally, the P-2 POI’s simple, durable exterior defends it from vandalism. Learn more about SGM's testing

The internal built-in dehumidifier protects this fixture from moisture, pollution, and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification, not only removes humidity, but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane equalizes internal pressure to prevent leaks. POI products installed on permanent installations must always be powered on, so dehumidifiers perform properly. Learn more about dehumidification

Thermal management
To achieve optimum performance of the LEDs at all times, this bright and accurate luminaire is optimized to manage heat impact through SGM’s unique thermal management technology. The technology consists of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips. Additionally, the special aluminum alloy and surface treatment ensures maximum heat dispersion while the fan-assisted cooling ensures optimal performance at any time and under any conditions (such as variable temperatures, limited airflows, confined installation spaces, etc.). Like all SGM LED products, the P-2 POI consists of SGM’s superior thermal management technology and tested under extreme hot and cold conditions, which ensures that the LEDs always operate within safe parameters. Learn more about SGM thermal management

Mounting options
The universal P-2 POI wash and flood light can be oriented in any position. Standard accessories include half and full anti-glare shields easily fitted to remove insight to LEDs and unwanted discomfortable glare and reflections. Additionally, M-10 bolts are included, which ensures the fixture can be tightly screwed to a surface, protecting it from both vandalism and theft. The M-10 bolts are suitable for any kind of custom-made bracket and are included with all POI fixtures. Omega POI style brackets are also available for additional mounting options. Being fully RDM compatible, the P-2 POI is ideal for installation in non-accessible locations.

The built-in Lumen Radio wireless DMX receiver enables the fixture to be operated both cabled and wireless. DMX/RDM is obtained through a 5m/16.4ft cable or via wireless. Power is connected through a 3 x 1½ mm2 pre-fitted 5m/16.4ft cable.To avoid operating a menu, this fixture comes with a magnet key. The magnet key can easily log off the fixture, which will force the fixture to automatically search for a new wireless transmitter. This user-friendly, wireless-setup makes it ideal for non-accessible locations, and as there are no external antennas visible, the fixture keeps its clean look, complimenting any historical or modern architectural structure.


Included SGM technologies

This thermal management techonology provides Advaced Temperature Control monitored via sensors and software, keeping optimal LED junction temperatures, and ensuring maximum reliability for long-term use. The ThermalDriveTM system includes cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal tecniques and active forced-air cooling (depending on the product), specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency while extending fixture's lifetime.

SGM uses Full Range Calibration in all LED fixtures over CIE space and black body curve, measured via spectrometer and SGM Illumination Lab software. To provide the best user experience, SGM's Color Match procedure ensures accurate wavelength reproduction within the product range via colored LEDs, dichroic filters, or CMY mixing (depending on the product); all of them specified to match the SGM color palette.

SGM's integrated patented Dehumidification process eliminates humidity and breaks down corrosive molecules deriving from polluted air to avoid destructive corrosion. Inbuilt dehumidifiers constantly remove trapped hydrogen from inside of the lighting fixture in a solid estate electrolytic process with no moving parts. The DryTechTM procedure is also based on a Ingress Protection rating of 65 or 66 (depending on the fixture), intended as a full protection against dust and other particles, while ensuring protection against direct water jets.


Optical Data
LED expected lifetime 50,000 hours
Lightsource 18 x high-power 10W RGBW LEDs
Native lens options 15°
Average CRI (CTC) 83
Color temperature range 2000K - 10000K
Efficacy 37 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 8727 lm
Light output blue 715 lm
Light output green 2709 lm
Light output red 2526 lm
Lumen per kilogram 1431 lm / Kg
Lux @ 10m 853 lux
Lux @ 3m 9478 lux
Lux @ 5m 3412 lux
Native beam angle(s) 14° (with 15° lens)
26° (with 25° lens)
36° (with 35° lens)
Native field angle(s) 31° (with 15° lens)
54° (with 25° lens)
77° (with 35° lens)
Color options Black - RAL 9004
Custom color - Any RAL
White - RAL 9010
Corrosion class C5 (ISO 12944:2018)
Effective Projected Area 0.96 Square ft
IK rating IK05
IP class IP66
Lens material PE
Material Aluminium
Net dimensions 334 x 223 x 105 mm
Net dimensions inches 13.2 x 8.8 x 4.1 inches
Net weight 6.1 kg (13.5 lbs)
Color calibration SGM proprietary, full color calibration
Dehumidifier Head
Dimming 2 Smooth fade in, DMX-controllable curves: gamma corrected, and linear
Filters Optional internal spread angle filters (factory assembled)
LED panel 3 individually controllable segments
Power / DMX indicator Head
Strobe Ultra-high-speed strobe effects
Pixel strobe feature (up to 3 segments)
Tilt 0 - 190°
Tilt locking system POI Locking system with pignose bolts and angle indicator
Electrical protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Input voltage, absolute max. rating 90 - 305 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Input voltage, nominal 100 - 277 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Max inrush current 230VAC 75 A
Max power consumption 236 W
Power factor 0.97 PF (230 V)
Power Supply Unit Inbuilt IP 67 Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Standby power consumption 5 W
Programming and Control
16-bit control Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue, White
DMX channels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 22
DMX modes 10
Protocol CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S
Wireless RDM
Setting and addressing RDM ANSI E1.20
Wireless DMX Lumen Radio with RDM
Data cable diameter 6,5 mm +/- 0,2 mm
DMX data in/out 5 meter cable for DMX In and DMX Thru (permanently wired)
Power Power cable 5 meter with bare ends (permanently wired)
Power cable diameter 8,5 mm +/- 0,3 mm
Mounting point 2 M-10 locking points (suitable for one optional POI Omega bracket)
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Hanging / horizontal mounted
Safety features Bottom mount for safety wire
Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.3 meter (11 in).
Cooling Active, Forced Air, Temperature-regulated
Humidity (max.) 98 %
Temperature range, operating -40°C to 50°C
Temperature range, start-up -20°C to 50°C
Temperature range, storage -40°C to 80°C
Thermal protection Automatic overtemperature protection
Total heat dissipation, max power 805.2 BTU per hour
Total heat dissipation, standby 17.1 BTU per hour
Included items
Included items POI Pignose-lock Key with magnet
Safety instructions and installation quick guide
2 M-10 screws
Conforms To
CE - 2014/30/EU: EMC Directive EN 55103-1
EN 55103-2
EN 55015
EN 61547
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
CE - 2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-17
EN 62471
EN 60529
RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU
UL UL Std. 1573
Certified To
CSA CSA-E598-2-17-98, Ed: 1
CSA E60598-1, Ed: 3


Certifications & classifications


Ordering information

Product name Item number
P-2, 50°, POI, WH 80230351
P-2, 50°, POI, CU 80230352
P-2, 65°, POI, BL 80230360
P-2, 65°, POI, WH 80230361
P-2, 65°, POI, CU 80230362
P-2, 100°, POI, BL 80230370
P-2, 100°, POI, WH 80230371
P-2, 100°, POI, CU 80230372
P-2, 35x85°, POI, BL 80230380
P-2, 35x85°, POI, WH 80230381
P-2, 35x85°, POI, CU 80230382
P-2, 85X35°, POI, BL 80230390
P-2, 85X35°, POI, WH 80230391
P-2, 85X35°, POI, CU 80230392
P-2, 50°, POI, BL 80230350
P-2, 35°, POI, BL 80230103
P-2, 25°, POI, BL 80230203
P-2, 35°, POI, WH 80230104
P-2, 35°, POI, CU 80230105
P-2, 25°, POI, WH 80230204
P-2, 25°, POI, CU 80230205
P-2, 15°, POI, BL 80230303
P-2, 15°, POI, WH 80230304
P-2, 15°, POI, CU 80230305
Accessories Item number
Vacuum Test Kit 83061136
Anti-glare shield, half - Small, POI, P/Q/i Series 83061161
Anti-glare shield, full - Small, POI, P/Q/i Series 83061164
Spanner key / Magnet for POI 19080604
Mounting plate, 90° - Small, POI P/Q/i-series 83060619
Mounting plate, flat - Small, POI P/Q/i-series 83060616
RDM Addressing Tool
Omega Bracket POI 83060623
SGM USB uploader cable, POI 83062067
Universal Bracket 83060641

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