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SGM has gathered one of the most innovative R&D teams in the world who, by focusing on long term reliability and the use of cutting-edge technology, has created a range of lighting products to help visionary lighting designers tell their stories through light, while generating value for rental companies and installers.

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Ultraviolet, easy as A-B-C

UV degradation is a commonly overlooked characteristic when specifying products meant for permanent outdoor installation. Read on to understand better the fundamentals of ultraviolet light and how to select materials suitable for outdoor environments.

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A guide to Facade Illumination

Luminaires that are capable of different optical performances while being similar in size, shape, and connectivity, are easier to specify and more suitable for building integration. SGM I, P, and Q series offer a combination of narrow-to-wide beam angles to achieve the best throw and uniformity.

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Q-8: next cue, next level

The SGM Q-8 is a DualSource™ touring fixture that is made to the quality standards of a studio fixture. The evolution of the Q-7 brings to market a combined 52,675 lumens strobe blinder, and a 51,771 lumens studio-quality floodlight with TLCI 90+ (TruColor+™).

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Thermal Management - LEDs that work in any climate

As heat negatively affects LEDs’ light output, good thermal management, or heat control, is vital for efficient, high-quality, and reliable LEDs.


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