SGM Special Projects is a group within SGM Light specializing in creating custom lighting solutions. This core group is made up of key personnel in Product Management, R&D, and Customer Service. The group is experienced in developing state-of-the-art products for demanding lighting professionals and has a vast prior background in both project management and support for lighting designers.

SGM Light’s ability to deliver custom solutions is made possible by utilizing our full photometric lab, in-housing software engineering, extensive rapid prototyping facilities and our diverse network of local fabrication partners with the latest equipment. In-house testing and total control of supply chains means we can guarantee quality and speed.

By combining Design, Manufacturing, Approbation, Delivery, as well as Testing & Commissioning assistance, SGM Light Special Projects can deliver production runs of custom solutions that mass market enterprises can’t.

Some examples of prior custom work include:


  • Optics and mounting for building facades

  • Extrusion design and testing for infrastructure projects

  • New LED sourcing and calibration for bespoke lighting solutions

  • Cabling, connector and power testing for long distance and rough service installations


Interstate 395 - Signature Bridge

The Signature Bridge is the major visual centerpiece of the I-395/SR 836/I-95 project in Miami Florida. It is a partnership between the Florida Department of Transportation and the Greater Miami Expressway Agency. The project will completely reconstruct the existing facility and create a signature bridge that will span 1,025 feet over NE 2 Avenue and SR5/Biscayne Boulevard, redefining the Miami skyline with its six sweeping arches.

SGM Light’s Design and Applications team worked with the lighting designers, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design¹ and structural engineers DYWIDAG Systems International ² to create a custom solution for the bridge cable stays based on the Video Pixel Linear.

By modifying the VPL extrusion shape and cutouts, as well as changing the hybrid power and data cable length, SGM Light Special Projects was able to integrate seamlessly with both the lighting design and cable stay engineering without the need for extra integration or fabrication work.

Scope, coordination, proof of concept, testing and fabrication were all handled by SGM Light internally to provide a final solution to the design team. Over 5000 fixtures were specified. All were engineered, fabricated, and delivered ahead of schedule. The project is due for completion in 2027.

1-HLB Lighting Design is the largest women-owned independent architectural lighting design firm in the world, with offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Denver, and Austin. They specialize in creating compelling holistic lighting experiences that transform the way people interact with the built environment.

2-DYWIDAG Systems International GmbH of Germany manufactures construction products. The Company offers post-tensioning, stay cable, geotechnical, and reinforcement systems, as well as provides concrete accessories, structural repair solutions, mining products, and tunneling systems.

Golden Gate Gellerup in Aarhus, Denmark

As part of a major renovation of the residential area in Gellerup, Aarhus, housing block B4 is the first pilot project in the large urban transformation of Gellerupparken. The project is an important element in the ambitious plan for revitalizing Gellerupparken. The extensive architectural task has been carried out by Transform who has redesigned a new entrance for the very Gellerup area by tearing down parts of the building and establishing a magnificent gate through the housing block. The new gate, Golden Gate Gellerup, is both a landmark and a new opening into Gellerup.

The façade of the gate is made from golden perforated panels (up to 3m tall) which double as enclosures for the luminaires. The narrow and tall enclosures presented a challenge to the designers because they needed a very power yet slim fixture to help achieve the goal. SGM Light in close collaboration with Kollision designed a unique solution fitted on the SGM VPL which consists of high efficiency reflectors which transformed the SGM VPL into a powerful grazing fixture capable of reaching heights of up to 3 meters (10ft). 

In combination with Kollision’s proprietary control system, MAP, the SGM VPL transformed from a direct view fixture into a powerful grazing luminaire with interactive capabilities. Kollision is a Danish design office specializing in interactive communication, user participation and dynamic media design to provide users with engaging experiences.


Andrei Mihalache 

Andrei helps lead the design and application effort within SGM. With a diverse range of experience in lighting and project development, Andrei provides the proof-of-concept assets like renderings, drawings, and client support to advance a project. Andrei also provides onsite support during commissioning and helps to drive mock-ups and development meetings. He facilitates and often leads communications once a project has been taken on and coordinates efforts between SGM and the client.

Martin Øvli Andersen 

Martin is the Manager of SGM Light Research and Development. In this role, he oversees the creation of both new and custom products.  He began his career in lighting as a technician and installer before advancing to managing architectural building and cruise ship projects globally, which has formed the foundation of his expertise. 
Martin also had a long career in the Danish military, spanning over various global locations, overseeing IT communications, a field where meeting deadlines was of utmost importance. 
Moreover, Martin also operated a CNC company, acquiring substantial expertise in materials, design of mechanical components, and fabrication. 

Jason Osterman  

As SGM Product Manager, Jason is at the core of commercial product strategies for both the architectural and entertainment lighting markets. He also drives ESG related projects at SGM. His experience with lighting is diverse and includes work in the US, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, with architects, arts organizations, production companies, experiential design firms, lighting designers, construction contractors, and equipment rental companies working in special events, and film. Jason’s past experience includes Specifications Management, Consulting, and Lighting Design for companies such as Theatre Projects, Altman Lighting, and The Young Vic Theatre. 

Willem De Plus 

As Technical Product Manager, Willem works closely with R&D is the link between the R&D department and Product Management focusing primarily on getting the best possible results in developing new and custom products and technologies. He has years of experience in both product repairs, testing and development. He works daily with optics, LED technologies, color engines and software. Coming from the event business, working on the road, in the warehouse and at the manufacturer’s side, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on all aspects of lighting and production.