VPL Rounded Smoked Opal lens

Snap-on accessory

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  • Opal rounded diffuser with smoked finish, for softer direct view and improved viewing angle
  • Snap-on attachment to the fixtures

This accessory is a snap-on rounded Opal and lifted lens for VPL fixtures, available in different lengths. Using these lenses, the direct view perception of pixels can be altered creating softer textures, with a wider view angle. When there is no light coming out of the fixture, the lens becomes a dark grey surface due to its smoked finish.


The VPL Rounded Smoked Opal lens can be ordered for VPL 305-20, VPL 610-20, or VPL 1220-20 with open ends.


Ordering information:


- Item no. 83061089: VPL Rounded Smoked Frosted Opal  (for VPL 305-20)

- Item no. 83061090: VPL Rounded Smoked Frosted Opal  (for VPL 610-20)

- Item no: 83061091: VPL Rounded Smoked Frosted Opal  (for VPL 1220-20)



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