SGM launches the first ever reliable motorized barndoor LED luminaire on the market

Today, SGM releases the high-power and practically maintenance-free G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors; a true Fresnel-based luminaire with optimal performance and easy-to-operate wireless control. Perfect for stages, theatres, and TV / film studios.

The motorized barndoors is a powerful and accurate feature, operated remotely via DMX. Each of the four blades has individual -90° to +40° angle control, and the whole module rotates -110° to +110°. With the maximum output achieved at the 15°-18° zoom range, the luminaire delivers the best light output for the size of its lens.

The G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors is the first moving head able to achieve a coherent and qualified light spectrum in all color temperatures with a completely even field and no hotspots. This is achieved through a combination of RGBAM additive mixing, the included glass Fresnel front lens, precise SGM firmware, and color mixing based on Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and Mint LEDs.

The silent performing moving head also solves one of the biggest demands in LED luminaires; a real congo blue color. With a physical enhancer, the G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors can create deep and saturated blues, including the characteristic shade of a real congo blue color.

With an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours, this powerful yet compact luminaire offers 2,000-10,000K CTC linear control, while delivering best-in-class color rendering with TLCI, CRI, CQS, and Rf values all higher than 90.

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