SGM Light Launches the G-7 Spot

Today, SGM Light launches the first ever IP66-rated, mid-size moving head spot. The G-7 Spot is fast, compact, and lightweight with high-output and low power consumption, setting a new standard for IP-rated moving heads. Thanks to its white LED engine and CMY color mixing, the G-7 Spot is the perfect moving head for those who need maximum light output inside an easy-to-move luminaire. The G-7 Spot gives you a solid construction, a high-quality beam, and an optimal projection in a very flexible assembly. A fixture born to rock night after night.

G-7 Spot - it's a no brainer

The G-7 Spot - It's a no brainer

One of the big secrets of the G-7 Spot can be found in its optics. The combination between lightsource and lenses creates a stunning light performance in the whole 6-48° zoom range; the largest in its category. The high-quality 115mm front lens ensures a large visual impact, while keeping a sharp and even beam of light. Because of the IP66-rating, the internal optics are always clean, resulting in maximum brightness from the light source at all times.

With 14,300 verified lumen in full white, the G-7 Spot is the brightest white-engine LED moving spot ever made in a compact and lightweight design. The G-7 Spot features a powerful 350W white LED engine with best-in-class optical performance. It outputs 572 lumen per kilogram, maintaining the native 6500K color temperature at a constant level over its entire lifetime. With the most efficient technology ever implemented in a white-source LED moving head, this is the perfect choice, if you are looking for an IP66-rated mid-size moving head spot.

To achieve optimum performance of the LEDs at all times, this bright and accurate luminaire is optimized to manage heat impact through SGM’s unique thermal management technology, consisting of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips. The luminaire is further tested under extreme hot and cold conditions, which ensures that the LEDs always operate within safe parameters.

G-7 Spot

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