Sustainability pays off. SGM luminaires saves Green Event Engineering more than energy

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that environmental sustainability and lighting productions are not always compatible, but sustainability is no longer just a nice-to-have. It should be, and is slowly growing to be, at the heart of our collective artistic vision and one of the classic full-service suppliers who agrees with SGM Light on this, is Green Event Engineering GmbH.

Efficiency and environment are keywords for managing director and agency founder Max Jenrich, because "green" is not only an integral part of the company name, but also a basic philosophy for which they want to be sincere ambassadors.

Max Jenrich explains:

"We mainly work in the field of business and industry events, as well as in technical exhibition constructions with focus on digital signage and networking of measurement projects."

"Since 2009, we have been on the road with Germany's leading cover band ‘Fresh Music Live’ which almost exclusively gets booked for business events", making Max Jenrich and his company a familiar and trusted partner in the industry.

When illuminating all these events, Green Event Engineering has implemented a comprehensive range of SGM Quadra Indoor 2.9 LED panels, G-Spot moving heads, P- 1 and P-5 wash lights, XC-5 color strobes and LD-5 domes, all of which are based on LED technology.

Asking Max Jenrich why he prefers SGM luminaires, he does not think twice about his answer: "Definitely quality and efficiency. The products are incredibly well thought out and have an extremely high output compared to the energy consumption. Furthermore, the production of the fixtures is no longer placed in the Far East but at the HQ in Denmark with the effect that the products remain comparatively long on the market as industry standards, which in the end is visible on  the balance sheet."

Going green is worth it

As the industry begins to unravel the complexities of corporate social responsibility and take active steps in reducing the way their businesses infringe upon the environment, Max Jenrich is also noticing awareness from his customers:

"I observe that our customers are demanding higher transparency as they take an increasing interest in the ethical practices of those with whom they do business. Many customers often comment on the phone "You must be expensive"; somehow sustainability is still linked to being expensive, but the fact is that our prices remain market-fair and dumping-free”.

Advocate for a beautiful, sustainable future

With a strong belief in his market, Max Jenrich keeps on reminding existing and potential customers of how LEDs are the only solution for a sustainable future: "The buyers from larger companies unfortunately do not always base their decisions upon life cycle assessments, but almost always upon price. I hope that a shift of attitude will take place over time. Somehow we need to get the word out there that LED luminaires have several advantages besides reducing power requirements. Heat is also greatly reduced and the saturated colors are significantly more intense."

One way to help our industry thrives through the 21th century is of course to advocate for beautiful lighting in as many spaces as possible. Everytime we have the opportunity to create amazing spaces with light, we must. It’s the only way to emphasize the value of great lighting and lighting tools, and that way become understood and advocated for by the larger culture. Collectively as the creative industries we convene an incredible network. Our impact goes far beyond our individual footprints and together we can change paradigms, but working together is key.


Some of the products used for the project: