The P·10 Shines Bright in Toulouse

For the third time in a row, Lionel Bessières was in charge of the Christmas light design for the city of Toulouse, also known as the Pink City. This time, visitors could discover his new work "la Nova du Capitole". A nova is a star that suddenly becomes very bright, but this intense light only lasts for a few days. This star was sparkling all along the winter nights in Toulouse, surrounded by the façades of the Place of the Capitole.

For this project, 24 P-10 wash lights were used to flood the 12.000m² of the Capitole Place with colors. The P-10s highlighted the typical architecture of the place, while blending in with the Christmas Market decorations. In addition, the white tents of the Market were perfectly reflecting the colors of the P-10.  

"Thanks to the P-10's high output and quality of colors, we could light up the 400 meters of façades of the Place of Capitole. The 39.690 lumen output of the P-10 allowed us to reduce the number of units needed while ensuring a targeted, appropriate and dynamic lighting," said Lionel.

The choice of the SGM P-10 was made by a mutual agreement between Lionel Bessières and Arnaud Schultz, the desk operator working with him on this project.

"We needed intensive light fixtures that would also allow us to change optics in some cases (which is possible thanks to the magnetic filters)," explained Lionel, who added that the fixtures were able to operate outside without protection thanks to their IP65 rating.


Designer :
Lionel Bessières

Design agency :
Quartier Lumières

Technical supplier :
Concept Group - Toulouse