Kings Island New Giga roller coaster lit by SGM

Kings Island is a major theme park close to Cincinnati Ohio. Originally opened on April 29, 1972, the Park has gone through many changes. When Kings Island opened, there were just over 60 attractions for guests to enjoy. Now, after 50 years of capital investments more than $400 million, there are more than 100 attractions.

One of the newest is Orion, a giga roller coaster with a 300-foot drop and speeds up to 91 mph. It’s the park’s tallest, fastest, and longest steel roller coaster to date. The attraction was named Best New Amusement Park Attraction for 2020 in the USA TODAY Readers’ Choice Travel Awards.​

SGM Fixtures were chosen to light the enormous structure as they provided the punch needed to reach the further ends of the track. ​i-5 POI, P-10 POI, and P-1 fixtures illuminate the supports and much of the track.

Integrator: Vincent Lighting Systems

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