P-3 Vision Debuts on Tour with Alex Vargas

The latest entertainment product from SGM Light was a hit on Alex Vargas’ “Big Big Machine Tour” at the end of 2023. The dynamic and game-changing P-3 Vision gave Theis Wermuth, Lighting Designer and CEO of Create This, a creative freedom by combining the illumination intensity of SGM wash engines with pixel LEDs to produce an exciting and dynamic backdrop for the band.

“The P-3 Vision created a perfect color background for our second light. The option to use the narrower beam up behind the band was great. And the ability to have a second layer of LEDs was fantastic. It gave plenty of opportunity for creativity. My experience was very positive. The P-3 Vision fully lived up to my expectations.” - Theis Wermuth, Lighting Designer & CEO – Create This

The P-3 Vision was placed behind the band on the upstage stage edge, a successful and common location for powerful SGM washes. But with the P-3 Vision, a powerful pixel grid added a layer of creativity at the eye-line of the viewer, creating added focus and excitement.

Products used

12 X P-3 Vision


Theis Wermuth, Lighting Designer & CEO – Create This