SGM adds an extra splash of patriotism to the Democratic National Convention

Historical buildings of Philadelphia bathed in light

With the US elections intensifying, The Democratic National Convention took place in July 2016, while SGM fixtures lit up landmarks and historical monuments in the host city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The P-5 units performed flawlessly throughout the DNC 16

Jason Danowitz

Lighting up historic American city

The Lighting Practice of Philadelphia was approached by Amtrak to highlight the 30th Street Station during the DNC 2016 event. The Lighting Practice commissioned Starlite Productions of New Jersey to form a collaboration in order to create a lighting spectacle. Furthermore, the Center City District of Philadelphia commissioned the team to light up the iconic clock tower of Philadelphia’s City Hall – equally for the duration of the DNC.

The initial brief for the 30th Street Station project entailed lighting up the large windows on the east and west side of the station but the scope elaborated to include the east portico, which is highly visible from the city center. Amtrak requested a patriotic color scheme while keeping in mind the Democratic party’s brand and visual identity.

The sixteen P-5s were mounted on support poles about 50 feet away from the east portico facade and provided the color base of deep, saturated reds and blues for the display. On the clock tower project, Starlite placed ten additional P-5 units on the rooftop of City Hall to again provide the color base of reds and blues. The control was located four blocks away and transmitted wirelessly to the City Hall rooftop.

As the installations had to run for more than two weeks, Starlite had some concerns regarding the outdoor performance of lighting equipment. Jason Danowitz, Starlite’s Vice President of Event Technology, wanted weatherproof fixtures that would also offer high-impact fixtures. For this reason, he decided to spec SGM P-5 fixtures for the project:
“The P-5s are built really well! They offer the output I was looking for and the long-throw lens options are great! The IP65-rating is a must!”

And to the team, the P-5 fixtures proved a worthy investment as the weather over the course of the two weeks ranged from brutal thunderstorms to intense heat. “The P-5 units performed flawlessly throughout the DNC 16. We didn’t have a single issue!”, Danowitz said.

Products used

16 P-5s were deployed to light up the historic city of Philadelphia.


For this installation, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.


Lighting design

The Lighting Practice & Starlite Productions


Democratic National Convention


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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