Video Pixel Linear makes an impression at Stade Pierre-Mauroy / Decathlon Arena

Stade Pierre-Mauroy or Decathlon Arena - Stade Pierre Mauroy is a multi-use, retractable roof stadium in Villeneuve-d'Ascq (Métropole Européenne de Lille), France, that opened in August 2012.

Originally fitted with horizontal light tubes which had reached end of life, the owners wanted to bring more life to the building façade through the use of pixel products combined with wash lighting the internal structure.

SGM VPL POIs and P-6 WASH POIs were used to create the effect and work with the existing structural supports.

Almost 1.4 km. of VPL were installed as well as 112 P-6 over a period of three weeks. The result is a stunning combination of pixel content and versatile color wash that can transform the venue at the touch of a button from a Modulo Pi Media Server.


Products used