Business Park Becomes Benchmark with SGM Illumination

Sushant Surve uses SGM to illuminate business park in Ahmedabad

Using a total of just six fixtures, lighting designer Sushant Surve is able to create stunning illuminations, putting business park in Ahmedabad on the Indian map.

“The main reason why we selected the G-Spot was its flexibility. With this moving head, I can flawlessly transmit colors with animation.”

Sushant Surve

SGM luminaries transform the Parshwanath Business Park in India

The Parshwanath Business Park in Ahmedabad, India, became benchmark in 2015, when lighting designer Sushant Surve created a beautiful light installation using SGM’s G-Spot moving head and Q-7 RGBW flood blind strobe.

In 2015, lighting designer and founder of Brainwave Designs, Mr. Sushant Surve was approached by Mr. Rushabh Patel, owner of the Parshwanath Business Park in Ahmedabad, India, to create a challenging fixed façade installation. Using SGM luminaires, Surve was able to enhance the architecture by creating an illusion of making the fins of the building move during the night.


“We were looking to wash the complete façade with flawless color changing and various animations to make the building look different and fresh every time someone looks at it. The main challenge was to swathe the entire façade of 2500m2 from a distance of eight meters. And as the complete building façade has fins coming in and out, it was also a challenge to create perfect angles without spilling light inside of the building,” said Surve.


In order to create the challenging fixture, Surve decided to use SGM’s G-Spot moving head and the Q-7 RGBW flood blind strobe. With these fixtures, he was able to achieve the desired effect with a low quantity of two G-Spots and four Q-7s.


“We always considered using LED fixtures, as their high lumens and low power consumption helped us to achieve our intent with just six fixtures in total, which ultimately resulted in less wiring and less maintenance,” said Surve, who used Lightlabs, SGM’s dealer in India, to program the system using a DMX controller.


Outstanding technical features
Both the lighting designer and the team at Lightlab agreed that SGM fixtures were the best equipment available on the market.


“The main reason why we selected the G-Spot was its flexibility. It is the only IP65-rated RGBY LED moving head spot with numerous revolutionary functionalities; with features like color changing along with animation, zoom function, 17,000 lumens, color temperature from 2000K-10,000K, pan tilt 540 degrees to 270 degrees, etc. With this moving head, I can flawlessly transmit colors with animation. Along with it, the Q-7 added more value because of its features like wireless DMX control, 28,000 lumens, wide flood, strobe, etc.,” said Surve.


Lightlabs added that they greatly appreciated the prismatic and iris effect, open-close pulse effect and rotation, and shake of gobo when programming the G-Spot.


“We loved to be able to achieve anything and everything with different permutations and combinations of these attributes,” said Lightlabs, who also valued the features of the Q-7, especially, its rainbow effect, hue snap, and open-close pulse and strobe effect.


With these many options for constantly renewing the visual look of the façade, the two specialist companies accomplished multiple goals.


“As a designer, the main intent was to achieve the determined concept into modest budget, without sacrificing the design intent. We wanted to create a rhythm while lighting the façade, and the G-Spot provided this dynamism. At the same time, the building has now become a benchmark in Ahmedabad. And it has become talk of the town across India, which is known as the land of spirituality and philosophy, where a façade of any building demands the versatility around it. The SGM product is a perfect solution to implement the same,” explained Surve proudly.


The positive feedback has reinforced the significance of this installation.


“It was a great footprint for BEPS/Lightlabs and the SGM brand to enter the Ahmedabad market and the feedback from different lighting designers and architects has been awesome. They have shown a real interest to use the SGM products in their future projects to achieve different ideas in reality,” reported the Lightlab team, who sees much potential for SGM in the Indian market.


Appreciative of the performance of the SGM luminaires, as well as the support he received form the SGM team, Surve now enjoys the fruit of a full realization of his design intent.


“As a lighting designer, you can only create magic and think outside the box if the client is 100% with you. In this case, although we came up with an innovative concept, it would not have been possible without Mr. Rushabh’s constant support,” concluded Surve.

Products used

Just two G-Spots and four Q-7s was enough to create amazing illusions on the business park.


For this installation, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.


The Parshwanath Business Park in Ahmedabad, India

Planning and Design
Sushant Surve, lighting designer and founder of Brainwave Designs


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