The P-5 Adds Color to the Cosmopol Shopping Center

Cosmopol shopping center brought to light

Cosmopol is designed by the renowned Migdal Architects and with its 210,000 sqm of shopping opportunities and entertainment facilities it is one of the biggest shopping centers in Coacalco, State of Mexico. To entice nighttime shoppers, the agency Mantenimiento Arquitectónico Integral (MAI) was hired to develop a lighting concept and dress the facade in an array of colors.

Shopping center facade lit up

The main obstacle for MAI was to achieve an even color distribution and colors that were powerful enough to create an impact. To ensure the optimal solution, various lighting suppliers and manufacturers were invited for shootouts on location during the construction phase. SGM’s distributor in Mexico Representaciones de Audio, set up a trial install onsite, and the decision to go with the P-5s was unanimous, despite heavy competition from other established architectural lighting manufacturers.

28 of the fixtures were installed on poles at a 15 m distance from the facade. Due to the lightweight construction of the fixtures, two fixtures could be mounted on each pole. A further advantage was that, due to the high output of the P-5, MAI only needed one third of the original estimated amount of fixtures. The remaining three fixtures were mounted on the glass rooftop of the shopping center entrance.

Cosmopol’s facade has now become a benchmark for how to light large commercial structures. The intensity and saturation of the colors truly makes a statement for Cosmopol. Best of all, according to the owners; “the installation has had the desired impact on sales”.

Products used

The 400 m-long facade of the Cosmopol was adorned with the light from 31 P-5 RGBW fixtures.


For this installation, the designer deployed products from our entertainment range similar to the products displayed below, which are POI versions with a higher IP-rating for permanent outdoor installations.


Light design

Mantenimiento Arquitectónico Integral


Representaciones de Audio

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